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Injectable Treatments to Get You Ready for Wedding Season

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Wedding season is almost here. Whether you are the bride, mother of the bride, a bridesmaid, or a wedding guest—you will want to look your best. A growing number of our patients are seeking out non-surgical treatments to enhance and enliven their look. At Will Surgical Arts, we can help you put your best face forward. Offering a number of injectable treatments, Dr. Will can help you achieve a youthful radiance this nuptial season.

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Part II — The Many Forms of Facial Rejuvenation: Exploring Minimally Invasive Treatment Options

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In our previous blog post, we explored the benefits of surgical facial rejuvenation. While highly effective, we, at Will Surgical Arts, understand that for many of our patients, a surgical procedure may be more than they have in mind. Fortunately, we are pleased to offer a number of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures to freshen your appearance—helping you to look, and feel younger.

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Part I — The Many Forms of Facial Rejuvenation: Exploring Facelifts

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From fine lines and wrinkles to loose and crepe-like skin, it is inevitable that over time, our facial appearance changes. As even the slightest facial aging can add years to an individual’s appearance—it comes as no surprise that facial rejuvenation continues to be a patient favorite at Will Surgical Arts. Hoping to revitalize their look, men and women seek out Dr. Will’s expertise.

Along with the traditional facelift, Dr. Will can perform a number of variations that can restore a youthful appearance. Here, we explore the ever-popular full facelift and its lesser-known counterpart, the mini facelift.

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Body Contouring: When Weight Loss Is Not Enough

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Losing a substantial amount of weight is a feat worth celebrating. However, having achieved their weight loss goals, many men and women are left with loose, excess skin that overshadows their weight loss achievement. In hopes of finally achieving the figure they have worked so hard to achieve, Dr. Will’s patients are increasingly opting for a surgical solution—body contouring.

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New! JuVaShape at Will Surgical Arts


It is not often that one treatment offers head to toe body rejuvenation. We are pleased to now offer JuVaShape at Will Surgical Arts. Utilizing a combined approach to skin tightening, JuVaShape treats both the surface layers of the skin as well as the underlying supportive tissues. JuVaShape encompasses both bipolar and unipolar radio frequencies to best tone, tighten, and contour the body.

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Can a Tummy Tuck Slim More than Your Waistline?


Known for its tummy firming ways, abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, is not traditionally considered to be a weight loss tool. By tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess fatty tissues and skin, a tummy tuck slims and tones the midsection. While abdominoplasty itself does not target weight loss, a tummy tuck may help patients successfully lose and keep weight off.

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Healthy Summertime Skin

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Summer sun is fun—but, long days of exposure can wreak havoc on our skin. It should come as no surprise that Ultraviolet Radiation (UV Rays) is highly damaging to our skin cells. A recent study found that in middle-aged adults, a quarter or more of cells in the skin have suffered sun induced damage. Although the cells appeared outwardly normal, thousands of DNA mutations appeared in each cell. Clusters of these so called mutant cells, known as clones, appeared in every 0.1 square inch of skin. Lead researcher and cancer geneticist, Dr. Peter J. Campbell was taken aback by the amount of damage UV Rays had on cells; expressing his surprise, he said the findings were “way higher than we’d expect”.

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Refreshed and Rejuvenated: Laser Treatments for a Glowing Summer

Refreshed and Rejuvenated: Laser Treatments for a Glowing Summer
Are you looking for a way to look better? Surgical procedures often require you to take time off. Nowadays, there are numerous non-invasive and non-surgical options to quickly refresh your look—without the down time and without the hassle. Some of the procedures take less time than your lunch break! Try our MedSpa—at Will Surgical Arts in Maryland, we offer a variety of quick treatments that will leave you looking and feeling refreshed.
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Enhance Your Figure with Breast Augmentation Surgery

Enhance Your Figure with Breast Augmentation Surgery
Women often express some level of unhappiness when it comes to their breasts—whether they are naturally smaller or have undergone changes due to pregnancy or age. For these reasons and many others, breast augmentation has become the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the country. Dr. Will can help you choose the right size and type of implants to help you achieve your desired results.
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