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5 Ways to Evaluate Your Cosmetic Surgeon Before Breast Augmentation

There are more than a few surgeons offering breast augmentation in Maryland, Ijamsvillebut not every one will help you achieve the cosmetic outcomes you desire.

If you are like the patients we see in Frederick county, you want good results the first time and you want a generally comfortable and positive experience.

Asking these 5 questions may help you achieve those goals.

1. Has your surgeon been through training specific for breast augmentation, and is he or she versatile enough to provide many options in breast augmentation?

Because some skills overlap, you might find different surgeons doing the same procedure. For example, you might see an ENT surgeon or an oral surgeon for rhinoplasty. Breast augmentation however, is very specific to plastic and cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons perform breast augmentation as a primary part of their surgical residency, and should therefore have a greater aptitude in a variety of techniques that can meet your needs.

2. Who will administer anesthesia during the procedure?

Anesthesia is considered safe with a trained practitioner, but in the wrong hands it can pose a pretty serious risk. Whoever administers anesthesia for you should be well trained, prepared for unexpected problems, and focused on your safety.

3. Who will guide you through surgery and oversee your recovery?

Although your cosmetic surgeon should be accessible and responsible for you, it is very common for the supporting staff to oversee much of the operation and assist patients through the process. Doing this is vital to both the success of the surgery and to the overall experience. Read more about our talented staff in Urbana.

4. Does your surgeon have privileges at a local hospital?

To perform breast augmentation at a hospital, the surgeon must prove or demonstrate a record of training for that field. If surgery isn’t done in a hospital, it will likely be in an outpatient surgical suite or surgery center. Read about Dr. Will’s hospital affiliations here.

5. Is the surgical facility accredited and safe?

Breast augmentation can be performed in a hospital or outpatient surgery center. To receive proper accreditation in a surgical facility specific standards must be met. See pictures of our location and surgical facility here.

OMS Surgeons Respond Among the First at Fort Hood

According to a recent press release from the AAOMS, two oral and maxillofacial surgeons were among the first to arrive at Fort Hood after the tragic shooting November 5th.

Majors Mark Ranschaert, DMD and Joseph Dylan Bowles, DDS recalled the situation as “pretty chaotic”  – “like being in a combat zone.”  The surgeons arrived to find 30 injured soldiers and operating rooms that were already full.

The two men said they reverted to their training and “did what we do best: taking care of patients.”  One patient with a severe neck wound was likely saved by the two surgeons, who stabilized the solider and quickly had him transferred to Scott and White University Medical Hospital.

As noted by the association, oral and maxillofacial surgeons “are indispensable in the hospital ER when it comes to repairing facial trauma caused by car crashes and street violence.”

Botox for a Breast Lift? News Team Investigates

maryland_breastliftA news station in Ohio recently aired this story on their evening broadcast, asking about the so-called Botox-Breast Lift; is it effective or a waste of money?

As cosmetic surgeon Mark Mandell-Brown explains, the basic idea behind the procedure is to relax certain muscles and change the patient’s posture in order to simulate a lifting of the breasts.

Although the breast lift is common, and Botox is practical and effective, most reputable surgeons will tell you the so-called Botox Breast Lift is not a cost effective treatment people should consider.

Reporter Liz Bonis asks, “Are we just throwing away 300 dollars [with this procedure]?

“Yes,” says Dr. Mandell-Brown.

Is there any research to support that this would be even remotely effective?

“No. In reality, the tissue’s too heavy for that to happen.”

Click here to read more about breast lift surgery in Urbana, Maryland.

What is a “Mommy-Makeover”?

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons have coined the term “mommy makeover” to market a series of procedures intended to help women regain their pre-pregnancy figure.

The most common procedures offered as part of the mommy-makeover are the breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction. Pregnancy and raising children can bring unwanted body changes, and while diet and regular exercise can make a tremendous improvement, some of those unwanted changes can only be corrected through surgical means.

The Fox news video below features an explanation of the mommy makeover – its risks, benefits, cost – and also an interview with a satisfied patient.

Read more about liposuction.
Read more about a tummy tuck.

Allergan Inc Files Suit Against FDA, Disputes Marketing Restrictions

allerganPharmaceutical co. Allergan Inc’s recently filed suit against the Food and Drug Administration contends that marketing restrictions placed on off-label Botox go against the best interest of patients and physicians.

Botox is commonly used – and FDA approved – for treating wrinkles on the face and forehead, but a wide range of alternative treatments have been successfully administered.

Doctors have used Botox to treat hyperhidrosis, migraine headaches, muscle spasms, and many other problems.

U.S. law permits physicians to administer medicine for whatever use they deem appropriate. However, doctors aren’t allowed to advertise or market medicine for any application under the sun.

The marketing restrictions placed on off-label Botox have evidently hindered Allergan’s ability to distribute safety information related to off label uses of Botox. The current lawsuit is intended to increase the physician’s ability to access safety information such as possible risks, benefits, dosing, patient selection, etc. and according to Allergan, is in no way intended to boost Botox sales.

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