When Can Rhinoplasty Cure Snoring?

Snoring can cause all kinds of problems. Not only can it make for poor sleep quality, you could end up suffering from issues like chronic daytime tiredness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and even a higher risk of cardiovascular problems. Maybe worst of all, it’s probably disturbing your partner throughout the night too and potentially negatively impacting your relationship.

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Part II — The Many Forms of Facial Rejuvenation: Exploring Minimally Invasive Treatment Options

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In our previous blog post, we explored the benefits of surgical facial rejuvenation. While highly effective, we, at Will Surgical Arts, understand that for many of our patients, a surgical procedure may be more than they have in mind. Fortunately, we are pleased to offer a number of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures to freshen your appearance—helping you to look, and feel younger.

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Part I — The Many Forms of Facial Rejuvenation: Exploring Facelifts

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From fine lines and wrinkles to loose and crepe-like skin, it is inevitable that over time, our facial appearance changes. As even the slightest facial aging can add years to an individual’s appearance—it comes as no surprise that facial rejuvenation continues to be a patient favorite at Will Surgical Arts. Hoping to revitalize their look, men and women seek out Dr. Will’s expertise.

Along with the traditional facelift, Dr. Will can perform a number of variations that can restore a youthful appearance. Here, we explore the ever-popular full facelift and its lesser-known counterpart, the mini facelift.

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Restore Your Youthful Look with Facial Implants and Liposuction

Facial Implants Maryland
If you are starting to notice your face is showing significant signs of aging, such as hollowed cheeks or excess fat around the jawline, you may be a good candidate for facial cosmetic surgery. Dr. Will offers a range of facial cosmetic surgery procedures that can rejuvenate your look and restore your youthful contours. Facial implants and facial liposuction are just two procedures that can restore your facial profile and create a refreshed, youthful look. Whether you need a cheek augmentation procedure or neck recontouring, let us help you achieve the results you want with facial implants and facial liposuction.
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Freshen Up Your Look with Brow Lift Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery Maryland
Some of the first signs of aging show up around the eyes and upper portion of the face, and you may have considered getting Botox or other injectables to take care of those lines and wrinkles. If you have deeper lines and wrinkles in this area, or you’ve noticed your brows are starting to droop, you may be a better candidate for brow lift surgery. A brow lift can effectively lift and tighten the skin to create a fresh-faced appearance. It can address several problems in the upper portion of the face and the rejuvenating lift can take a few years off your appearance.
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Reverse the Signs of Aging with Facelift Surgery

Facelift in Maryland
Many of the early signs of aging appear on the face and neck first, and you may be feeling self-conscious about those crow’s feet, deep creases along the forehead, and sagging skin around the cheeks. While non-surgical treatments like injectable fillers and skin tightening procedures can temporarily rejuvenate your look, you can restore those youthful contours for longer lasting results with a facelift. Ready for a transformation? Here are some things to consider before getting facial cosmetic surgery.

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Boost Your Self-Confidence with a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty Maryland
If you have a crooked nose or a droopy tip, you may have always been very self-conscious about your facial appearance. Your nose is one of the defining features of your face and even a slight misalignment or flaw can throw-off your facial proportions. We can restore facial harmony by performing a simple rhinoplasty procedure that will reshape and contour your nose. Imagine how good it will feel to stop feeling so self-conscious about your nose! We have helped many patients just like you achieve their ideal look with a basic cosmetic surgery procedure.
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Lose Under-Eye Bags with an Eyelid Lift in Maryland

Eyelid Lift Maryland
One of the telltale signs of aging is hooding or sagging of the upper eyelid. You may also notice that the skin around the lower eyelids stays puffy most of the time and you might have developed very noticeable under eye bags as a result. If you want to restore your youthful look without extensive surgery, talk to Dr. Will about the benefits of eyelid surgery.

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Rejuvenate Your Look with a Facial Fat Transfer Procedure in Maryland

Facial Fat Transfer Maryland
Have you ever thought about getting dermal fillers to enhance your look? Dermal fillers and injectables are popular, minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments for men and women who want to eradicate lines and wrinkles, or plump up sunken cheeks.

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Maryland non surgical facial procedures

With everything that we have to do during the holidays – from running around for presents for the kids to preparing the Thanksgiving turkey – it may seem like there is not enough time to refresh your appearance before putting yourself out in front of friends and family at the next big holiday party. With just a few weeks until the holidays begin, a non-surgical procedure is a great way to achieve the look you want without missing out on any of the festivities

Here are three surgery-free facial procedures to consider this holiday season.

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