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All On 4

For patients who struggle with missing bottom and top rows of teeth, Maryland oral & maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Michael Will offers the “All on 4” dental implant procedure. This surgery allows patients to have fully functioning teeth and removes the necessity for temporary solutions like dentures.

After your successful “All on 4” dental implant procedure, you should be able to take part in many common activities with increased ease. These can include necessary activities like talking and eating, which are improved through the application of the dental implants.

Who will benefit from “All on 4” dental implants in Maryland?

“All on 4” dental implants are ideal for patients who have either lost many of their top or bottom teeth or for those who are in the process of losing their teeth. This type of tooth loss can be brought on by many factors including age, genetics, and dental hygiene. Once you have completed the short recovery from the “All on 4” procedure, you can feel confident in both the appearance and function of your new teeth.

Patients who are candidates for Teeth in a Day are also often prime candidates for “All on 4” treatments.

How does the procedure work?

For your “All on 4” procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic with sedation to improve your comfort during the procedure. Even if teeth need to be extracted during your “All on 4” treatment, you can still expect the surgery to be completed in one sitting.

Once any necessary extractions have been completed, Dr. Will can begin placing the dental implants as needed. The next step of the process is to craft the actual teeth that will work in conjunction with the implants. The material used to create these teeth is resilient and will hold up much like natural teeth as you complete the most common tasks of your day like drinking and chewing.

After the teeth have been created, Dr. Will can place them in your mouth. At this point, the most important step is for Dr. Will to ensure a good aesthetic appearance of the teeth as well as an aligned bite.


It is important to note that though these teeth will function as healthy, natural teeth, they are not the final product and will need to be replaced in about six months. This period of time allows the implants to be properly integrated into the bone. Once this has occurred, you will return to Dr. Will’s practice. At this time, the temporary teeth will be removed, as well as four small screws. These will then be replaced with the permanent dental implants and you will be able to fully realize the benefits of your “All on 4” dental implant procedure. This final step of replacing the temporary prothesis teeth will be conducted by your restorative dentist in conjunction with your surgery.

What is recovery like?

Though you may be sore from your procedure, the limits on your activity should not be great in most cases. Though some patients are able to eat a light meal the same day, you may wish to wait until the following day to eat solid food. Some patients are even able to return to work the next day.

“All on 4” Dental Implants

We encourage you to schedule a consultation about “All on 4” dental implants by contacting Will Surgical Arts. Our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice is located in Ijamsville, MD which is a short drive for residents of Frederick, MD and the Washington, DC metro area.

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