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Chin and Cheek Implants

When you look in a mirror or see photographs of yourself, do you often feel there is something slightly off-balance about your appearance? This can be due to the appearance of a specific region of your face—namely your chin or cheeks. When your chin is a bit smaller or more receded, it can cause otherwise normal features, such as your nose or mouth, to appear larger than it actually is. Cheeks that lack volume and appear gaunt may not only cause other portions of the face to seem out of balance, but can also dramatically age your overall facial appearance. Maryland cosmetic surgeon Dr. Will can perform a unique and completely customized facial implant procedure for you to achieve a beautiful and well-balanced look.

Who is a good candidate for facial implants?

Facial implants can be an effective option for men and women who feel that their naturally smaller chin or cheeks are negatively influencing the overall balance and appearance of their face. By increasing the size or projection of your chin or cheeks, these implants can help bring balance among all facial features, including your nose, eyes, and mouth. Facial implants can also be helpful in creating more youthful, well-defined facial contours.

During your consultation with Dr. Will, the two of you will work together to develop a customized facial implant to provide you with your goal appearance. Your implant will be crafted from a strong, yet natural-feeling silicone rubber material. Dr. Will will create your own unique implant, based on your discussed expectations and your current state.

How is a facial implant procedure performed?

Once your custom implant has been created, the next step is to place it in the area of your face you are looking to enhance. Your facial implant procedure at Will Surgical Arts in Maryland will be performed under general anesthesia, allowing you to comfortably sleep for the duration of the surgery.

A small incision will be made by Dr. Will, using the natural contours of your face to minimize visible scarring. Depending on your surgery, this incision may be made inside of your mouth or beneath your chin. Dr. Will will then create a pocket beneath the skin and carefully set your silicone implant in place so it does not move or shift around. Once placed, your incisions are closed and any necessary bandages are applied.

After Your Facial Implant Procedure

You will be able to return home under the care of a loved one shortly after your facial implant surgery. At first, you will likely experience some bruising and swelling, and there may be some tightness or numbness of the skin. These effects are temporary and should fade over the next week or two. If you are experiencing too much pain or discomfort, Dr. Will can prescribe pain medication.

You should be able to return to work in as little as one week’s time. Most other activity restrictions will be lifted after about a month, at which point you can go back to your routine at the gym or on to other more strenuous activities.

Although there will be some post-surgical signs, such as bruising and redness during the early healing stages, you will notice the changes in the shape of your face almost immediately after your surgery. Patients always say the recovery process is well-worth the end result! Once your face has fully healed, the treated area will appear more youthful and well-defined. This will likely influence the overall look of your face, providing you with a completely rejuvenated look. Many of Dr. Will’s patients experience an uplifting boost of self-confidence following this procedure.

Scheduling Your Facial Implant Procedure in Maryland

If you have been struggling with your appearance, a customized facial implant procedure with Dr. Will can help. During your preliminary consultation, Dr. Will can help you determine whether facial implants are right for you. Contact Will Surgical Arts to learn more about chin surgery. Our cosmetic surgery practice in Ijamsville is conveniently located for residents of Frederick, MD and the Washington, DC metro area.

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