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Assessing Breast Asymmetry Before Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation on those with breast asymmetryWhen breasts differ in size and/or shape, it is called breast asymmetry. While sometimes pronounced, often it’s a slight asymmetry that a woman may not even be aware of, and asymmetry  is actually very common.

Women with breast asymmetry who are considering a breast augmentation need to be aware that it may accentuate the imperfection, especially when the asymmetry is more pronounced, according to surgeons who participated in a panel on the topic at the recent annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Jack Fisher, who served as panel moderator, said, “It is important for surgeons to assess the patient’s breast symmetry before operating to determine whether the surgery is necessary and if it will make the asymmetry more obvious.”

The key to a high patient satisfaction rate is “to fully inform the patient that this kind of augmentation is extremely challenging, but that using a detailed analytic approach, we can achieve a very aesthetically pleasing outcome within the limits set by their preoperative anatomic characteristics,” according to Dr. Laurie Casas, who was on the panel.

In order to increase patient satisfaction, surgeons must create a breast augmentation plan that evaluates all elements that contribute to breast asymmetry, including volume, nipple position and chest wall deformity.

The cosmetic surgeon should also be clear with the patient about the challenges of breast augmentation posed by breast asymmetry, so that patients are fully informed and have realistic expectations about their results. In addition, new technology, such as 4-dimensional imaging, can help patients have reasonable expectations before surgery.

Learn more about breast augmentation, which in addition to giving women a larger breast size, may also be done to balance a difference in breast size.

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