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Body Contouring: When Weight Loss Is Not Enough

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Losing a substantial amount of weight is a feat worth celebrating. However, having achieved their weight loss goals, many men and women are left with loose, excess skin that overshadows their weight loss achievement. In hopes of finally achieving the figure they have worked so hard to achieve, Dr. Will’s patients are increasingly opting for a surgical solution—body contouring.

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring refers to a number of cosmetic surgery procedures that address areas of excess fat or skin. After losing a substantial amount of weight, many individuals find that their skin has lost its natural elasticity and has failed to shrink back to their new size and shape. An-ever growing trend, about one quarter of all weight-loss patients are opting to undergo some type of cosmetic body contouring surgery.

Commonly, large amounts of stretched, excess skin is prominent around the face, arms, breasts, and abdomen. Popular body contouring procedures include facelift, breast lift, male breast reduction, arm lift, and tummy tuck surgery. Through procedures like these, Dr. Will is able to tighten and remove excess skin—further emphasizing your body’s natural contour. Although commonly performed on patients who have recently experienced significant weight loss—whether through diet, exercise, or surgery—body contouring can be beneficial to those of a normal weight as well.

Am I a Candidate?

To ensure long-lasting results, it is important that you maintain a relatively stable weight for at least one year prior to undergoing any body contouring procedure. Good body contouring candidates include individuals that:

  • Have a significant amount of excess skin
  • Have a positive outlook and realistic expectations as to what their body contouring procedure can achieve
  • Are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle—including proper physical exercise and a balanced diet

More than Skin Deep

While the aesthetic benefits of body contouring may be the most obvious, there are a number of other benefits as well. Relieving one from the added weight of their excess skin, body contouring allows one to live out a more active and often, healthy lifestyle. Encouraged by their now tight physique—many patients find themselves motivated to stay in shape. Perhaps most important, however, is the renewed self-esteem that comes when one feels confident and satisfied with their body.

A New You at Will Surgical Arts

You have worked hard to lose weight—let your body be a reflection of your dedication. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Will to learn more about body contouring and how it can best benefit you.

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