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When Can Rhinoplasty Cure Snoring?

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Snoring can cause all kinds of problems. Not only can it make for poor sleep quality, you could end up suffering from issues like chronic daytime tiredness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and even a higher risk of cardiovascular problems. Maybe worst of all, it’s probably disturbing your partner throughout the night too and potentially negatively impacting your relationship.

Snoring Specifics

Snoring is oftentimes caused by an obstruction in the nasal airways—and the narrower your airways, the more forceful the airflow becomes. In many sufferers, this interference is due to a deviated septum.

The nasal septum is the wall of bone and cartilage between the nostrils that divides the two nasal passages. It supports the nose and directs airflow. When the bone or cartilage are out of alignment, however, it can lead to snoring, as well as other negative effects like difficulty breathing, obstruction of one or both nostrils, nosebleeds, and facial pain.

Deviations on a Theme

So how does the septum become deviated? It’s estimated that a whopping 80 percent of the population has some form of nasal septum misalignment. That means that most everyone is suffering from varying degrees of breathing and snoring issues. A portion of these people are affected by this condition from birth. Others can look back to a traumatic injury or accident to their nose that caused the septum to become displaced. On top of that, the normal aging process can worsen the deviated septum over time.

What Are My Options?

While there are non-surgical solutions like external nose strips or CPAP therapy, which can potentially soothe your snoring sorrows and help you and your partner get a good night’s sleep—both of these options are temporary and do not necessarily provide a long-term and permanent solution. Rhinoplasty may be the better choice if you find that you are struggling with persistent problems because of a deviated septum.

In order to adjust the deviated septum, rhinoplasty will reposition the bone, cartilage, and surrounding tissue to be in line with the middle of your nose and face. When performed by a maxillofacial specialist like Dr. Will, rhinoplasty will open the nasal passages, allowing air to move more freely. This could offer you a more permanent solution for you snoring over other methods and let you to breath more easily overall.

Function Over Fashion

While a nose job is often associated with aesthetic appeal, rhinoplasty isn’t just about looking good. In many cases, rhinoplasty is focused more on relieving functional problems instead of simply addressing a personal preference or concern. Often times, rhinoplasty is also about alleviating an uncontrollable burden so you can sleep soundly all-night long. But hey, it never hurts to go for an amazing looking nose while you’re at it!

Rhinoplasty at Will Surgical Arts

To see if rhinoplasty is the right approach to correcting your snoring habits, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Will at his Ijamsville, Maryland practice.

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