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Divorcees Find Confidence with Cosmetic Surgery

A growing number of women are getting cosmetic surgery after divorce, according to a report by Good Morning America, which cited a British survey that found 26 percent of people getting cosmetic procedures there are newly divorced women.

Alicia Hunter, who is 43 and a mother of two, told GMA that after her divorce she lost 60 pounds, got a breast augmentation and had Botox injections. She said the weight loss and procedures were life changing.

“If I hadn’t lost weight and done some tweaking, I don’t think I would ever set foot outside the house,” Hunter added. “I don’t think I would have the guts to go out and be in the dating scene.”

Married for seven years before her divorce, Hunter said that her ex gives her more compliments now than ever before.

GMA’s Ashleigh Banfield asked Hunter: “Is it revenge surgery?” Hunter said that while it may be for some people, for her it was a confidence booster.

Dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo agrees that many women do it for their self-confidence. Peredo speaks from experience; she had some cosmetic procedures done after her own divorce.

“Break-up is hard, they feel like they failed at something,” Peredo said. “It’s very hard to start after many years of marriage, and I think they take time and are doing something for themselves for a change.”

Dr. John Turk, a NYC plastic surgeon, said that about 20 percent of his clients are post-divorce.

One of Dr. Turk’s divorced patients, Kelly Langford, shared her thoughts on cosmetic surgery after divorce: “I think coming here and seeing Dr. Turk is definitely, after you see your lawyer, probably the most important step after that.”

“Patient care was incredible! We are so very happy our child was referred to Dr. Will. We appreciate the attentiveness given to his medical condition. Will highly recommend to others.”

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