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Get Silky Smooth Skin with Laser Hair Removal

With warmer temperatures rolling in and summer approaching, it’s time to put away those cold-weather clothes and bust out the bikini. But if you forgot about those pesky, unattractive hairs that were hiding under your winter clothes, there’s no need to fret. You can finally do something about all of your unwanted growths for good with laser hair removal.

Target the Hair Just in Time for Summer

Got that summer wedding, event, or vacation just around the corner? Don’t worry—there’s still plenty of time to get rid of those undesirable growths before the big day. As a matter of fact, now is the best time to start a series of sessions to say goodbye to those unsightly hairs for good. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team here at Will Surgical Arts will take all the time necessary to discuss the appropriate approach based on your skin type and the areas that you’d like to pinpoint.

Getting Ready for Your Laser Treatment

You’ll have to keep a few things in mind when getting ready for your laser hair removal appointment. It’s very important that you avoid plucking, waxing, or electrolysis for at least a couple of weeks heading into your treatments, because each of those hair removal methods extracts the hair at the root and doesn’t give the laser what it needs to focus on. It’s also a good idea to keep your skin protected and avoid direct sunlight beforehand since you’ll be exposed to powerful laser energy during the procedure. And as with any cosmetic treatment, even the seemingly easier ones, you should be in good health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Scheduling a Series of Treatments

Although we target most of your hairs during your session, it’s very likely you’ll need some touch-ups down the road. That’s because your hair grows in cycles—and not at the same rate or the same time. In fact, there are three stages to hair growth: the anagen (which is the ideal period for laser removal), catagen, and telogen phases. It’s always good to keep your expectations in check, and having this knowledge could help you when you find a stray hair that has popped up in the middle of your treated area.

Laser Hair Removal at Will Surgical Arts

Smooth, hair-free skin is just a treatment away. If you are interested in laser hair removal and would like to learn more about this procedure at our MedSpa, please contact Will Surgical Arts in Ijamsville today. Our cosmetic surgery practice is also conveniently located for residents of Frederick, MD and the Washington, DC metro area. Call (301) 874-1707 for more information and to schedule your preliminary consultation.

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