When Diet & Exercise Aren’t Enough to Achieve the Body You Want

Every year, going into my local Maryland gym in January feels like the first day of class. A bunch of new faces crowd the machines and it is more difficult than ever to find an open treadmill or elliptical. The reason? Many of us are stuck having the same resolution every year – lose the belly and the love handles. However, when aging thrashes your metabolism and those stubborn deposits of fat are more difficult to burn off, you can get stuck in the cycle of having that same resolution every year.

The sad truth is that getting older also means it is harder to shed the excess weight. As your metabolism slows down and it becomes more difficult to diet and exercise because of time and physical changes – you can’t quite do what you used to anymore – those stubborn pockets of fat grow and spread each and every year. This isn’t because of a lack of motivation or failure to stick to your resolution, it is just one of the many side-effects of aging.

With body contouring surgery like liposuction, you can finally achieve the healthy body you’ve been working for to start 2014 a little bit differently.

One Does Not Simply Have Liposuction & Call it a Day

Liposuction is by no means for those who are just looking for a quick and easy answer to their problem with excess fat. For the majority of those who seek out the body slimming surgery, it is a way to finally achieve a more healthy body weight so that they can go on to continue living a healthy lifestyle. It is not some cure for obesity but rather a tool to help overcome it.

You can’t just have your liposuction, lose the fat and call it good. By committing to liposuction surgery, you are also committing to a healthy lifestyle moving forward. While your surgery helps to remove the fat, it is up to you to maintain proper nutrition and exercise so that it doesn’t come back. That is why liposuction is not some easy way out, but rather a resolution in and of itself to live a healthy lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you can sit on the couch for the rest of the year and enjoy looking at your new body, you should still have the same resolution to eat right and exercise more.

If you’re ready to commit to achieving and maintaining a healthy body image for the New Year, click below to speak with Dr. Will for your liposuction consultation in Maryland.

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