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How to Stay Slim Throughout the Summer

Summer can be an especially hard time to keep a slim figure, and if you’re worried about regaining the belly that you just got rid of, don’t stop reading! While many of us would like to believe that the summer is full of calorie-incinerating activities like running up mountains and white-water rafting, the truth is that we often set aside our adventurous side for lying out in the sun and eating pound after pound of junk food and sugary sodas and cocktails. If you have recently undergone a tummy tuck or a weight loss procedure, don’t worry, we’re here to help you maintain your sexy new figure throughout the long and lazy dog days of summer.

Be a picky eater

A large majority of the most popular summer foods are among the worst things that you could be putting into your body. Foods like potato and macaroni salads may taste delicious, but despite the word salad being in the name, these foods are incredibly high in saturated fats and can really start to pile the fat on your belly before you know it. With all the street fairs that come through in the summer, food like churros, elephant ears, chicken, and anything else you can imagine being deep fried will be hard to avoid. Imagine all that grease and oil ending up in your body.  Not good. Avoiding foods high in sodium and carbonated drinks will also help you to keep your belly from bloating up like a balloon. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these foods are not worth the damage that they can do to not only your figure, but your health as well. We often forget how delicious a slice of watermelon or nice corn-on-the-cob can be during the summer. And if you’re craving a sweet beverage, drop some fruit into a bottle of water and let it sit in your fridge overnight. Your belly and your health will thank you!

The Two C’s: Cardio & Crunches

It is important to stay physically active during the summer, but you have to get clever with your routine. You can do hundreds upon hundreds of crunches a day, but if you’re not pairing the abdominal exercises with cardio, you will not be efficiently burning the fat away and preventing it from sitting on top of your abs. It is important to consistently incinerate the fat with cardio while building muscle with crunches or sit-ups if you want to maintain a sexy, toned belly.

Stay consistent

Maintaining a flat belly requires a lot of dedication. As we get older, our metabolism slows down, and it becomes more and more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Now that you have the body that you have been wanting, it is important to follow these steps in order to keep your belly looking slim and smooth. While a tummy tuck or a weight loss treatment can help you to achieve a flat stomach, it is important to remember to stick to a healthy lifestyle afterwards as well in order to maintain the figure that you desire.

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