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TODAY Show Features Breast Surgery Procedures

Two women who were both unhappy with their breast size shared with the TODAY Show’s Life Changers series how breast surgery helped them they achieve their ideal cup size.

Erica says she described herself as being in the “negative category” for breast size before getting a breast augmentation, while Jeanne, who was a triple D at only 4’9,” had a breast reduction.

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Both women chose to have cosmetic surgery to get their ideal breast size, a C cup.

Appearing on the TODAY Show about two weeks after their surgeries, Jeanne says that after surgery she saw her stomach for the first time in the shower. Erica, who chose silicone implants, says breast augmentation is something she’s always wanted to do and that she’s more than happy with the results.

The women’s surgeon, Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, says that there is more scarring with breast reduction than augmentation, although the scarring for reductions is less than it used to be and that surgeons have gotten better at shaping the breasts in reductions.

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