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Trend Alert! Woman are Opting for Smaller Breasts


Ever popular, breast enhancement continues to be one of our most requested surgical procedures at Will Surgical Arts. Recently, however, an interesting trend has developed—women are less often seeking out large, buxom breasts and instead, are opting for a smaller, more natural appearing chest.

A Naturally Beautiful Bust

There are a number of ways for a women to achieve a subtly enhanced bust line including breast augmentation using implants, a breast lift, or breast implant revision:

Breast Augmentation

Whereas breast augmentation has traditionally been concerned with size, women are increasingly focusing their attention on the shape and profile of their implant. With “natural” being at the top of our patient’s priority list, Dr. Will is careful to create an augmentation centered on proportion and balance.

Breast Lift

For many women, a breast lift is a great way to achieve natural-appearing results. Relying strictly on a woman’s own breast tissue, a breast lift reshapes the breasts—thus, restoring the breasts to a more youthful shape and position. Reducing sagging, a breast lift can be especially rewarding for women who have seen their breasts change as they have aged.

Breast Implant Revision

Another common trend, women are more and more choosing to substitute their larger implants in exchange for smaller replacements. Over the past few years, breast implant revision has increasingly become a more popular choice. Having tired of their more ample bosom, women like the freedom that smaller implants can provide.

The Right Breasts for You

There is, of course, no one-size fits all approach. Regardless as to the current trend, the ultimate goal is to help you achieve breasts that you love—and, that you feel both comfortable and confident with.

Understanding that breast enhancement is a personal decision, Dr. Will promises to listen to your needs and desires. Striving to meet your unique goals, Dr. Will works closely with you—ultimately, helping you make the best decision as to how to go about your breast enhancement journey.

Are you interested in subtly enhancing your bust line? If so, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Will at Will Surgical Arts.

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