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What Affects The Natural Feel of Breast Implants?

What type of breast implant feels natural? Does saline feel natural or is silicone the most natural-feeling implant? These are common questions during surgery consultations.

Surgeons generally agree that silicone implants mimic natural breast tissue more closely than saline. However, natural results can be achieved with either implant. If you’re concerned about a natural look or feel in your breast implants, there are a few factors to consider:

  • The amount of tissue covering the implant will affect the way it looks and feels, so you may want to consider sub-muscular or partial sub-muscular implant placement.
  • After breast augmentation with saline implants, the breasts can be very firm but over time the tissue and the implants may soften.
  • Women with a thin body and thin breast tissue will often be advised to choose silicone implants due to the possibility of visible implant wrinkling caused by a lack of adequate coverage.
  • Choosing the proper size is critical for achieving a natural result that matches your body proportion.

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