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Botox for a Breast Lift? News Team Investigates

maryland_breastliftA news station in Ohio recently aired this story on their evening broadcast, asking about the so-called Botox-Breast Lift; is it effective or a waste of money?

As cosmetic surgeon Mark Mandell-Brown explains, the basic idea behind the procedure is to relax certain muscles and change the patient’s posture in order to simulate a lifting of the breasts.

Although the breast lift is common, and Botox is practical and effective, most reputable surgeons will tell you the so-called Botox Breast Lift is not a cost effective treatment people should consider.

Reporter Liz Bonis asks, “Are we just throwing away 300 dollars [with this procedure]?

“Yes,” says Dr. Mandell-Brown.

Is there any research to support that this would be even remotely effective?

“No. In reality, the tissue’s too heavy for that to happen.”

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