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Enhance Your Eyes with Eyelid Surgery

It probably doesn’t cross your mind often, but your eyelids sure do a lot of work. Over the course of a single day, they can blink over 20,000 times, which comes to about 900 blinks an hour and 15 every minute! All that movement can really start to add up as the years go by. But with a blepharoplasty, commonly referred to as eyelid surgery, you can refresh your lids and keep your eyes looking youthful and beaming for many years to come.

The Eyelids and the Aging Process

It’s not just the thousands of daily blinks that contribute to sagging and swollen eyelids. Your skin also loses its natural ability to keep up. As you age, collagen and elastin production dwindle, leaving your skin without the necessary building blocks to bounce back the way it once did. The decline of these two critical elements can lead to a buildup of excess skin on and around your upper and lower eyelids. The muscles in the surrounding areas may also become weaker during the aging process, and small pockets of fat can bulge out. All that extra skin and puffiness can have a negative impact on your appearance, depriving your face of that youthful, energetic look.

A Small Surgery for a Big Impact

For most people, the eyes are the first things they notice when interacting with someone. And drooping, listless eyelids can make you look constantly tired, angry, and even older than you really are – more so than any other part of the face. Fortunately, eyelid surgery is one of the easiest and quickest surgical ways to look and feel younger. It’s much more affordable than the more intensive facelift, and many of our patients see just as great of an impact on their appearance. There’s also a much shorter recovery period after the eyelid procedure, so you will be able to get back to your career and family life without having to endure a lot of downtime that goes along with the facelift.

Deciding on Eyelid Surgery

The first step to revitalizing your eyelids is a personal consultation with Dr. Will. During this process, he will carefully evaluate your entire facial anatomy and discuss exactly what procedures can best address your personal needs and goals. Are you concerned with eyelids that sag and you want the upper skin pulled back? Or do you have puffy bags that linger underneath? Perhaps you’d like to target both the upper and lower lids for a fully transformed and younger look. Dr. Will’s extensive experience and individualized approach will give you the confidence and peace of mind knowing that your blepharoplasty is in good hands.

Eyelid Surgery at Will Surgical Arts

If you are interested in rejuvenating your eyes with a blepharoplasty and would like to learn more about this procedure, please contact Will Surgical Arts in Ijamsville today. Our cosmetic surgery practice is also conveniently located for residents of Frederick, MD, and the Washington, D.C. metro area. Call (301) 874-1707 for more information and to schedule your preliminary consultation.

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