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Gifting Cosmetic Surgery? Here’s Some Free Advice

Cosmetic surgery as a holiday gift might sound a little outlandish, but for some give_me_giftspeople it can far outweigh the satisfaction of typical gifts like new electronics, a vacation, and especially that funky sweater.

Do you know someone who’s been talking about getting a certain procedure for years, but never followed through?  “There are a large number of people who really want cosmetic surgery, and they just need that little nudge or incentive to get it done” says Dr. Mark Berman, President-Elect of the AACS.

However, Berman also offers some crucial advice for those of you considering this type of extraordinary gift: Make sure you’ve discussed the idea with the recipient so it doesn’t come as a total surprise.

A consumer survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery revealed that nearly 50 percent of consumers would forego an expensive vacation or even a luxury car to pay for cosmetic surgery.

For those women who have been pondering the idea for years, the gift of a mommy-makeover or a  breast augmentation could be very exciting.

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