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Is Liposuction Right for Me?

Are you on the fence about which fat reduction method to choose for yourself? There sure are a lot of them out there. Everyone’s needs and goals are different, and there are so many factors to consider. Already, many men and women have experienced liposuction with Dr. Will to be an excellent way to shed the unwanted inches and change their lives for the better. There’s no other tried and true method of fat removal that can instantly shape and contour your figure quite like liposuction.

Is Liposuction the Right Option for Me?

Liposuction isn’t for everyone. This fat-reducing body procedure is only suitable for those who are already close to their ideal body weight. The cannula (a thin tube used to extract fat during the liposuction procedures) can only target the stubborn superficial fatty cells that aren’t responding to diet and exercise, not the visceral fat that surrounds your internal organs. This deeper fat only responds to lifestyle changes that lead to weight loss and not the typical body contouring methods.

Is Liposuction Permanent?

It’s true, liposuction is an effective way to eradicate undesirable fat for good. When you gain and lose weight, the number of fat cells isn’t changing, rather it’s the size of existing ones that increase or decrease instead. By removing fatty tissue, you decrease the number of cells. The areas that you target will permanently be shaped to your desired outcome.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to put on weight ever again. If you are not careful, the visceral fat that is related to obesity can still affect your BMI as can the remaining fat cells. Maintaining a good diet and exercise program is key to long-lasting liposuction results.

What About Alternatives to Liposuction?

Some patients want to avoid invasive surgeries with other methods such as JuVaShape. While these non-surgical devices can be an effective way of contouring your figure, they are aimed more toward those who need only very minimal improvements to begin with. Furthermore, JuVaShape and its counterparts can require many more than the one session that is needed for liposuction.

Can Liposuction Be Combined with Other Treatments?

Yes! In fact, liposuction is often combined with other procedures in order to achieve the best results possible. It’s fairly common for liposuction to be included in a tummy tuck, arm lift, facelift, or male breast reduction. Liposuction is a necessary component of autologous fat transfer methods like the Brazilian Butt Lift and facial fat transfer (fat grafting).

Liposuction at Will Surgical Arts

To find out more about liposuction, please contact Will Surgical Arts in the Ijamsville and Urbana area today. We are proud to offer customizable treatments to address your specific needs. Let Dr. Will and his knowledgeable staff help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this efficient fat-eliminating procedure. Our cosmetic surgery practice is also conveniently located for residents of Frederick, MD and the Washington, DC metro area. Call (301) 874-1707 for more information and to schedule your preliminary liposuction consultation.

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