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3 Tips to Ensure Optimal Facelift Recovery

Recovery after a facelift can seem like a daunting and drawn-out process—but it doesn’t have to be. While it will take a little downtime to properly heal from this age-defying procedure, in just a few weeks you’ll be on the road to doing everything that you love. Here are a few tips to maximize your recovery efforts after a facelift in Maryland with Dr. Will.

Prepare Yourself

Don’t get stuck trying to figure things out after the surgery; get your medications prescribed by Dr. Will filled before your procedure. Make arrangements with family and friends to watch the kids, to perform tasks around the house, and especially to provide any care for you during the initial stages of the recovery process. You might even want to get your hair cut before the procedure since it may be a little while before you’re ready to see your stylist again. Making these necessary preparations can keep your stress levels at a minimum, which is vital to proper recovery. No matter how independent you consider yourself to be, going it alone is not an option here.

Follow the Leader

The success of your facelift surgery doesn’t just depend on Dr. Will’s artistry and expertise. You will also play a key role in the final outcome of your facelift procedure. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to follow all post-operative instructions down to a ‘T.’ You’ll be given specific guidelines by Dr. Will that’ll help to ensure the fastest and most effective recovery possible. Be sure to clarify any points before you go under the knife so that you’re not left wondering what to do after the surgery is completed. There’s no question too small, and Dr. Will wants you to be as informed and comfortable with this procedure as possible.

Slow and Steady

This goes without saying but it bears repeating: Take it easy and don’t push yourself after the surgery—even if you’re feeling better. Over-exerting yourself can have the potential to rip sutures and cause damage to your face, putting you back in the hospital and possibly compromising your results. That being said, being bed-ridden isn’t the best approach either. Dr. Will usually recommends that his facelift patients move around a little from time to time to keep things circulating. Little things like eating a low-inflammatory diet and taking wellness-promoting supplements can further enhance your recovery experience.

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