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New Supplement May Prolong Botox Results

Do you love the effects of Botox, but wish they would last a little longer? Well you’re in luck. A brand new pill called Zytaze promises to do just that.

Botox injections typically last for about 3 months, but the makers of Zytaze claim the new pill can make the anti-aging effects last up to 30 percent longer. Zytaze may also help the injections take effect faster.

Zytaze, which has been manufactured by Eden Aesthetics, contains zinc and an enzyme called phytase which helps the body to properly absorb zinc. In clinical trials, Zytaze was shown to prolong the effects of Botox for 92 percent of patients.

According to, a pack of 10 Zytaze pills costs around $80, which is significantly more expensive than standard zinc supplements. However, Eden Aesthetics claims that Zytaze supplements are specially formulated to complement Botox injections.

The manufacturer recommends that patients take two 25mg pills a day for four days prior to their Botox injections. And because the pill is a supplement rather than a drug, no prescription is necessary.

Dr. Kevin Hancock, a consultant cosmetic surgeon for the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Council believes that Zytaze works by speeding up the healing process.

“We do know that zinc is crucial in helping injured patients to recover, for example burns victims, so it’s fundamental in repairing tissue.”

Taking Zytaze may also just be good for your health in general.

“That may well be influencing the action of the Botox. But the pill is just a vitamin supplement and it may be that lots of people are just slightly zinc-deficient anyway,” Hancock told the Daily Mail.

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