Competing in a Youth-Driven Economy


Take a quick look around the office. In many cases, companies are favoring youth more than ever before when it comes to who they choose to hire. It is this shift in the average age of employees that is prompting more men and women to seek the help of facial surgery procedures like the face lift.

As younger professionals like Mark Zuckerberg continue to bring innovation and creativity to American business, employers have developed an interest in hiring these 20 or 30-somethings fresh out of business school as they search for a new spark for their company. Age and experience, once prioritized when considering new hires, is now being associated with a more standardized, or by-the-book employee, whereas youth is associated with new ideas and charisma.

Many men and women who have undergone facial surgery have noticed a dramatic change in their relationships with others. The Huffington Post’s Kristen Houston recently interviewed a 55 year old woman who works at a Public Relations firm about a face lift that she had recently undergone. Bags under her eyes and what she refered to as a “lack of chin” had been concerns of hers which prompted her decision to pursue a face lift.

“Before I had the surgery I felt as if I were the invisible women in meetings, discarded in a way,” she said. “Now when I make a presentation my colleagues pay attention.”

The fact is, when you feel good about the way you look, this translates to an overall confidence that others are able to realize. Managers often associate a confident person with someone who is able to get the job done and bring new ideas to the company, whereas someone who lacks confidence may often be overlooked.

More and more professional men and women are undergoing facial surgery, as well as minimally invasive alternatives like Botox, as effective ways to achieve a youthful and refreshed appearance for a new level of self-confidence at work. Now that Botox has also just been approved for the treatment of crow’s feet, we may see even more cosmetic influence on the faces of our coworkers as we go on.

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