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New Survey Reveals Seniors Optimistic About Aging

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, senior citizens make up the fastest growing portion of the U.S. population. And these older Americans are living longer, healthier and happier than ever.

senior cosmetic surgeryA telephone survey of 2,250 seniors conducted by the National Council of Aging, UnitedHealthcare and USA Today showed that more than 75 percent of seniors were optimistic about the years to come. A majority of those polled were also confident that they could maintain good health and manage stress effectively.

“The reason they are upbeat is because we have changed our definition of aging. People are working longer. They see people that are older being healthier,” said Donna Shalala, the president of the University of Miami and a former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services during the Clinton administration.

The poll also revealed that 20 percent of those 65 and older are still maintaining employment –full or part-time. However, it’s unclear whether seniors are working longer out of financial necessity, to feel productive or because they enjoy their job.

Seniors and cosmetic surgery

But how does all of this information relate to the cosmetic enhancement industry? Well, because seniors compose such a large segment of the U.S. population, it should be no surprise that they’re responsible for shaping many of our nation’s current trends – including cosmetic surgery. More and more seniors are going under the knife to look and feel younger.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 84,685 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in patients 65 years of age or older in 2010.  They included:

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that around 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 each day for the next decade. What kind of impact will this have on the cosmetic enhancement industry? Only time will tell…

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