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Top Reasons For the Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery

popularity of cosmetic surgeryDespite the economy, the popularity of cosmetic surgery continues to grow in this country, reports Newsweek.

Consider this: between 2009 and 2010 Americans spent less on food, housing, clothes and entertainment, according to the article. Yet the popularity of cosmetic surgery increased during this same time, with people spending more on cosmetic procedures, such as:

Why Cosmetic Surgery is More Popular Than Ever

Why the increase in spending on cosmetic surgery? A potential career boost is one reason: some hope a nose job could lead to a real job.

For instance, one surgeon reported that recently more patients say they hope their younger look will help them stay competitive in their jobs.

Since some see it as an investment in their careers, they may use financing options that are now available to many cosmetic surgery patients. Financing options have allowed more people who may not have been able to afford it otherwise to undergo procedures. One surgeon in Michigan reported that about one in six of his patients will borrow money to pay for their procedures.

The cosmetic industry has also focused more on new marketing strategies in recent years. Consumers can find Groupon deals on some procedures or attend Botox parties with friends, for instance.

Finally, there’s more acceptance of cosmetic surgery in general, with 69 percent of people 18 to 24 saying they approve of cosmetic procedures. Meanwhile, cosmetic surgery is up almost 30 percent for senior citizens in the last five years.

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