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Researching Cosmetic Surgery: How to Get the Facts

Before you pull the trigger and pay for a cosmetic surgery procedure, you want to get the researching cosmetic surgerynitty gritty facts about risks, benefits, costs and so on. Doing this will help you in 2 ways:

  1. You’ll be able to protect yourself against unproven, unsafe cosmetic procedures
  2. You’ll be able to weigh the risks and benefits against your values, to see if the procedure is truly a good fit for you.

Where do I look?

It’s lazy to say research it and expect you to find all the right sources. Too often, customers are looking in the wrong places for legitimate answers to their questions.  You want unbiased, scientific information; here are a few tips on where to find it.

We love libraries: Do you have access to a public library? How about the library at your college or university? Don’t let the old-fashioned sound of it bother you; academic resources and peer-reviewed medical journals are far superior to what you’ll find cruising the web. The downside: many of the articles and books are written for doctors or medical students – sometimes difficult (and boring) to read.

Solid online resources: It’s a jungle out there I know, but there are a few websites that publish loads of useful and honest information about plastic and cosmetic surgery. is a good start, where you can see consumer reviews and get answers from surgeons and dermatologists all over the country. is another popular resource. The downside: you might find a great deal of conflicting information, making your decision even more difficult.

Ask a cosmetic surgeon: Though you may want to visit several surgeons for their opinion before making a choice, remember that board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeons should have your best interests in mind. They want to get you the best results possible and avoid complications. If you’re not a good candidate for cosmetic surgery, a good surgeon will tell you honestly.

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