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Restylane Manufacturer Launches Skin Care Line

Q-Med, manufacturer of Restylane, announced their new line of skincare productsRestylane_wrinklefiller last week during the World Congress for Anti-Aging Medicine in Monaco. The new line of products is said to contain the same patented NASHA technology used in Restylane injectable filler, which they say adds a pleasing consistency while preserving moisture and luster in the skin.

Q-Med explains their intentions with the new skincare line on their website:  “The secret to beautiful skin is balanced skin hydration combined with a healthy and protective skin barrier. Restylane Skincare combines these two qualities in an innovative series of creams [that] supplement the effect of injectable Restylane products.”

NASHA – Why Restylane is Effective

Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid is the secret to Restylane’s success. Hyaluronic acid serves many important functions in many areas of your body. Because it can bind water, HA hydrates the skin and lubricates the joints. The stabilization process allows Restylane to produce enduring results.

While Restylane has been around longer than most wrinkle fillers, it’s not the only product to utilize HA. Products like Prevelle, Hydrelle and others are now widely available for similar purposes. However, according to Q-Med, these fillers are far from being Restylane clones.

The least modified competing products are still considerably more chemically changed than the NASHA gels. Competing products are either not as viscous as the NASHA gels, which means that they cannot build and retain volume in the same way, or they are considerably more chemically changed.

The new Restylane Skincare line should be available in Sweden and Europe this summer. If these products become available here in Maryland, we will be sure to let you know.

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