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Study Investigates Botox as Treatment for Tennis Elbow

Botox has potential as a treatment for chronic tennis elbow, according to a study appearing in the journal of the Canadian Medical Association.

Physicians in Tehran studied the use of Botulinum toxin for treatment of chronic tennis elbow, a condition also known as lateral epicondylitis. Results show that Botox can reduce the pain of tennis elbow at rest but as a side effect, it may also cause weakness in finger extension.

At the Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex in Tehran, a randomized placebo-controlled trial was conducted with 48 patients.  They were injected with either Botox or saline, the placebo.  Injection sites were customized for each patient’s anatomy.

When Botox injections were performed with anatomic measurements as a guide, they “significantly reduced pain at rest in patients with chronic refractory lateral epicondylitis.”  Due to the side effects, the treatment may not be appropriate for patients who require finger extension.

Read more online from the journal of the Canadian Medical Association

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