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Study Examines Nasal Deviation and Quality of Life

nasal deviation and quality of lifeWhile many patients undergo rhinoplasty to change the shape of their nose for purely cosmetic reasons, others may choose nose surgery to help relieve nasal obstructions or after a facial injury.

Nasal obstructions are a result of nasal deviation, which is when the nasal septum is not in the midline of the nose. The deviation of the septum may be present at birth (congenital) or be a result of injury. In addition to causing impairment in nasal function, it can also affect the person’s quality of life.

A new study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal looked at health-related quality of life, as well as self-esteem and depression in patients with nasal deviation and found depression was more common among those with nasal deviation.

The study had 66 participants: 32 patients with congenital nasal deviation (mean age of 27.5 years) and 28 without nasal deviation (median age, 29.5 years) as a control group. The patients’ quality of life was measured by several questionnaires, which evaluated characteristics such as general health, social functioning, mental health and self-esteem.

The results showed there were significant differences between the groups in physical functioning and general health. In addition, depression was detected in 34 percent of nasal deviation patients, compared with just 7 percent (2 people) of the control group.

The researchers concluded that nasal deviation is a scope of rhinoplasty that the surgeon should be aware of, as this group has significantly worse quality of life and is more prone to depression.

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