Facial Reconstruction

People who suffer severe facial injuries also suffer emotional distress because of their disfigurement. When a skeletal or soft tissue injury affects the face, there is no way to hide the injury or scars.

Fortunately, Dr. Michael J. Will can employ advanced surgical techniques in facial reconstruction to help restore the normal characteristics of a person’s face. Facial reconstructive surgery can make a very large impact on quality of life following a traumatic facial injury.

Injuries from serious trauma sometimes requires both bone reconstruction and reconstruction of soft tissues. Reconstructive surgeons will often cooperate with physicians from different disciplines to facilitate the surgery process, often undertaking multiple operations to achieve the most normal appearance possible for a patient.

Dr. Will has a high level of surgical expertise to offer in facial reconstructive surgery. When he served at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, he treated injured veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He has had extensive training and experience treating blast injuries and other war injuries. When selecting a facial reconstructive surgeon, it is important to select an experienced surgeon like Dr. Will.

What injuries can facial reconstruction treat?

Today, plastic surgery is associated more with cosmetic enhancement than facial reconstruction, but the origins of plastic surgery come from reconstructive surgery. Modern medical improvements have decreased certain risks of surgery, but no surgery is completely without risk. In the past, the risks of surgery were so great that only a dramatic need for reconstruction made surgeries worthwhile.

The first rhinoplasties (nose jobs) and otoplasties (ear surgeries) were performed to restore facial features for criminals who had their noses or ears cut off as a punishment. The advent of modern surgical techniques, such as skin grafts and transplants, have dramatically improved the scope of such reconstructive efforts.

Many types of facial injuries can be improved or corrected through reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Will can perform facial reconstruction to help treat injuries such as:

  • Serious burns, or scarring of the skin on the face,
  • Damage caused by broken facial bones,
  • Injuries that have disfigured the features of the face, and
  • Facial defects present at birth.

Keep in mind that these are only common examples; facial reconstruction can correct a wide variety of different injuries.

Your Maryland Facial Reconstruction Surgery Procedure

The surgical techniques or methods that Dr. Will employs will largely depend on the type of injury and which tissues need reconstruction. Some injuries may only require scar revision and camouflaging, while others may require more extensive procedures.

When you select facial reconstruction at Will Surgical Arts, we will do everything in our power to make your reconstructive procedure a positive experience.

Contact our surgery practice near Frederick, Maryland to learn more about facial reconstruction. When you schedule a consultation, Dr. Will can guide you through the details of reconstructive surgery and evaluate your injury to determine what results can realistically be obtained.

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Meet Doctor Will

Dr. Michael J. Will cosmetic surgeon Maryland received his bachelor’s degree from Washington and Jefferson College, his dental degree from Georgetown University and his medical degree from the University of Texas.

He completed his General Surgery and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery training at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Will also completed a General Cosmetic Surgery fellowship at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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